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Sarah Lawrence College
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This is a LiveJournal community for prospective, current, and former students of Sarah Lawrence College.

There are very few rules. However:
1) If you leave any comment (anonymous or not) which is meant primarily to antagonize another user, rather than contribute to a discussion in progress, it is subject to deletion.
2) Those who spam the community or harrass community members, and do not heed requests from the moderator to cease and desist, may be banned.
3) Try to keep the discussions civilized; everyone gets a little riled up now and then, but clear heads make better discussions.

This doesn't come up much, but it's the least we can do to keep this community relevant and helpful.

Sadie Lou.net is the all-student run website with Senate updates, articles, artwork, club information, and all kind of links to Westchester and NYC resources.

Sarah Lawrence College Radio

SLC New York Times Page

SLC Wikipedia Page

Coming Soon: A wiki page for anyone to use to share information about stuff on and off campus, meant to replace the Student's Guide to Westchester once published by Student Affairs.
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